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  • Focused on Lead Generation, Digital Media Services, Monetization, and Venture Capital
  • Proven record in RTB, SEM, SEO, Social, Affiliation, Email Marketing, Performance, Content Monetization, Conversion Funnel, Analytics and E-Commerce
  • We are a Digital Media Company builder within a Venture Capital company focusing primarly in Digital Startups. .
  • Based in Madrid, with presence in Barcleona, Mexico, and Italy.
  • Managing companies and services in more than 70 countries.


Million in 2015


Employees as of 2015


Self started companies


Investments in promising Startups


  • Juan Teijeiro
    Juan Teijeiro
    Managing Partner
    “We welcome entrepreneurs and investors who share our vision and who feel the need to transform the status quo.”
  • Pablo Gasalla
    Pablo Gasalla
    Managing Partner
    “We like the mixture between inspiration and execution in entrepreneurship.”
  • Óscar Alonso
    Óscar Alonso
    Performance Partner
    “These 10 years leading successful digital marketing projects we believe we have a lot to offer to the digital industry.”
  • Tomás Hernández
    Tomás Hernández
    IT Partner
    “We had a dream. And we fulfilled it. Now we want to help fulfill the dreams of others.”
  • Martí Escursell
    Martí Escursell
    Operations Partner
    “With an engrained passion of buying into ideas, I live to build these ideas into tangible projects and profitable businesses.”
  • Nacho Rubio Álvarez
    Nacho Rubio Álvarez
    Finance Partner
    “We can help you to improve, optimize and turn your ideas into reality. Don’t regret not trying.”


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  • General Ramírez de Madrid, 8
  • +34 915 358 066
  • Entrepreneurs: start@keyword.vc
  • Investors: investors@keyword.vc